Teresa A Ward

My work explores my research on the urban environment. I am repeatedly drawn to societies and changes, which occurs within them. Looking at architecture and spaces contained in these places, which I explore through paint and photography. The investigation is contextualized by the failure of post-modernism and its effects on society.

My most recent project specifically addresses the changes developing in Galway. Where once Galway communities would have revolved around the Catholic Church is now largely multi-cultural. Old shops and warehouses are giving way to multi-corporate chain stores and shopping centres. The identity of Galway itself is evolving as a city and is caught in a transition between ‘old and new’. For example, sections of walls strewn with graffiti around NunsIsland, where old and new collide.

I graduated in 2013 with an Honours Degree in Fine Arts from CCAM, the Centre of Creative Arts and Media in Galway. I was the recipient of the Graduates Bursary and Residency Award supported by Galway Arts Council and the Galway Arts Centre. Some of my exhibitions include the Claremorris Open 2013, the Interceltique Festival in Lorient and Rua Red Dublin Open Show in 2014.