Sandra Mc Call

Existing in the digital age, in a world of mass production, discarded manmade materials and found natural objects form the foundations of my work. Through the questioning and exploration of these materials a dialogue unfolds between the manmade and the natural, the macro and the micro, the real and the imagined. Unassertive in scale my work prompts the viewer to move in a little closer. The central concerns of my work are placement, layering, transparency and space. In a fast paced and fragmented world, these concerns carefully considered and addressed allow for subtle connections between the internal and external environments to slowly come into view. In working between intuition and order a quietly pulsating underlying tension is created, this tension inhabits a space that rests somewhere between Utopia and Dystopia.

Born in Dublin, Sandra graduated in 2015 from GMIT with an honours degree in Fine Art Painting.