Marie Flaherty

“Marie’s work is a true representation of her life. Every word written, photograph taken, Painting and Drawing or Sculpture made is an honest expression of what she sees and who she is. She also lets her subconscious flow into the work effortlessly”.

Having lived in Asia for some time and born and raised in Ireland, I am very interested in cultural and philosophical human connections. I am a trans-disciplinary artist and my working practice incorporates many facets from teaching, drawing, painting, digital media, photography, installation and socially engaged art practice.

I am primarily concerned with exploring the intertwining patterns of life and the world we live in and very often my work focuses on a unifying thread encompassing our society, hence my most resent work – The Mandala Public

Art Project – which brings people together through art practice that is central to the theme of unity and solidarity? Each work is constructed as an exploration of the unified patterns in our human experiences, engaging with inherent values of me the artist and the viewer or participant.



w: wwww.marieflaherty.com