Liz Lynott

Elizabeth deals with themes of displacement and the search for connection inside and outside of spaces that she believes to be poorly designed to contain us. She questions societal norms and invites others to explore misunderstood and invisible environments. Through her extensive engagements in the Arts and health she nurtures authentic expression in those who find themselves marginalised; the mentally ill, the sick, the old and the economically challenged. These collaborations are often the catalyst for her studio work which aims to uncover and discover correlations in her subject matter. Her work is always evolving and aims to challenge already established notions of her audience.


While at Artspace Studios Elizabeth recorded extensive interviews with clients from several HSE west day care centres (for people living with mental health issues). In this collaborative piece participants spoke intimately with the artist  about their Love Lives The Good The Bad and The Fictional’. Due to the nature of the participants, the memory’s shared where both real and imagined. The artist presented these conversations in an audio installation and  painstakingly transcribed these recordings into a large scale ‘text drawing’ over a five day performance as part of ‘Artspace 21’, at the Galway Arts Festival 2007.