Juliette de la Mer

A preoccupation with process in art making has been the motivating factor within the work for many years, and is manifest in prints and paintings. The `how`of art making has been central to her practice eg what surface , how the ink or paint is used etc. Currently the artist is concerned with an abstract painting process, which uses an organic rather than a geometric method of making a painting. Though a predetermined process is set up at the paintings`inception the final result can be unexpected and challenging, what happens during the making of the work is the puzzle. It seems that the body of the artist intrudes into the action of creation, though this is unconscious on the artist`s part. It is not clear if any conscious decision on the part of the artist can be made to monitor or affect this change as it is spontaneous, and these changes occur within a structured method of working and do not happen as expressionistic gestures, or happy accidents. The artist appears to unconsciously subvert her own plan for the painting: this contributes to the individuality of each painting.

Since graduating from NCAD MFA Programme in 2005 Juliette has had several solo shows as well as taking part in numerous group exhibitions. Her work is represented in national and private collections.

Currently Juliette is living in Co. Clare and continues her practice at Artspace Studios Galway.