John Dowling

By the time this gets read, its transcriber will already have  ever so slightly altered his underlying approach. He’s that way inclined.
Endorsed ideas are brought to a surface through an engagement of paint and mark-making. With the eye, mind and hand in tandem, the encounter intensifies. Dissatisfaction is inevitably there compelling itself to be evident in the work. Until a blatant immediacy is sensed, and dissatisfaction gives way to something touching on ‘fresh’ to one’s own, the restlessness continues. The work grapples with what has gone before and where we currently find ourselves. In visual terms, the mark-making waylaid with paint may take some moments.. and I would humbly encourage some of these be taken to acclimatise to its structure.
On the whole, through a ludic (playful) belief system, perceptual and imaginative matters are laid down involving tension, frugality, exuberance and contradiction – us.

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