Joanna Hopkins

Hopkins’ working methodolgy within her art practice has been continually emphasized and

inspired by the idea of observation. By allowing the audience to become part of the work,

she creates a platform for viewing themselves in an analytical and voyeuristic manner.

From the filmic methods of Hitchcock to evolving augmented reality technologies, she

experiments with lens-based media as an interactive platform to question how society

views itself and others.

Through this process Hopkins intends to question the possibilities of subverting a viewers

sense of perception and reality, and how this affects the way we see ourselves. She is

interested in initiating dialogue by creating interactive installations and facilitating public

discussions and screenings.

Joanna Hopkins has been awarded multiple artist residencies in both Ireland and the UK.

The BCA Emerging Irish Artist Residency 2015, KREMS Austria Artist Residency 2015,

Mayo County Council Tyrone Guthrie Bursary 2013, The Belfast Temporary Places 2013

residency included an open studio and facilitating public workshops exploring video, film

and digital media. She was awarded the first VAI and Digital Art Studios Residency in

2012. The Kilkenny Arts Office Residency 2012 was an open public studio with direct

engagement with the city locals for six weeks.