Aileen Conroy

My art practice is mainly concerned with the notion of how self identity is constructed through dramatic shifts in family life which reflect how past experiences affect the present self.  The self portrait as a genre has a sense of isolation attached to it as the artist is observing him or herself and a dialogue exists which is uniquely personal to the artist. Observation of the self goes hand in hand with observing others around myself which is why I was naturally drawn to portraiture, and making non posed sketches of those around me is an ongoing ‘project’ for me. When making paintings from photographs I am particularly interested in ambiguous angles which work well within the confines of the canvas and create tension between the physical space and the figure. Aileen Conroy is from Durrow, County Laois.She studied art & design in Cluain Mhuire from 2006 until 2009 and graduated  in September 2009. In November 2012 she graduated with an honors degree in Fine Art in Cluain Mhuire.