What Artspace does

  • provides & maintains quality studio spaces for artists
  • increases facilities, services, resources & information for the group
  • assists emerging artists
  • maintains an educational programme through a series of workshops, talks & open days
  • formulates exchanges with other artists’ studios and arts organisations in Ireland & abroad
  • develops contacts with corporate buyers and members of the business community
  • functions as an information centre for local, national & international artists


Artspace Studios is a visual art organization with a uniqueness that lies not only in its emphasis on supporting the art of creation but also its longevity in doing so.
Artspace is dedicated to providing and maintaining a dynamic and quality studio environment for both emerging and established artists. Supporting them on many levels Artspace also offers regular opportunities to exhibit at local, national and international level.
Since 1986 Artspace has been a constant part of the Galway art scene, inspiring and engaging arts education, providing the community with an opportunity to interact with working artists and experience firsthand the creative process, and providing a place where both children and adults can participate in hands-on workshops, talks and open days.


Our vision is to strengthen the ideal of an artists’ collective and to break down barriers to the visual arts – creating opportunities for emerging artists to show their work, opportunities for established artists to break new ground or change direction in their practice, and opportunities for the public to understand and interact with working professional artists.
Artspace exists to support and inspire creative energy through exposing, engaging, and educating about the creative process.


Artspace believes in supporting the careers and development of its members by providing time and space to work, providing up to date facilities, services and resources, by offering the opportunity to engage with other artists, art studios and arts organisations both local and international and by exposure to the public through showcasing of their work.
Artspace serves the public by introducing them to the diverse artistic styles of its local, national and international members and do so by creating avenues whereby the public and artists can come together to engender a better understanding and commitment to the visual arts.